Petition for Bas Rutten to coach the next U.F.


Bones Jones at HW.

Or anyone.

Yay Bas! Phone Post 3.0

After Rousey...we need a star. He doesn't even have to fight. He'd be an awesome coach, him and Dan Gable! Phone Post 3.0

TTT Phone Post 3.0

I think he should host the show and commentate the fights, let Dana go concentrate on something else

Team Rutten vs Team Rogan on next TUF. That would rule.

Bas and Renzo or Royce


Winston Wolf - Bas and Renzo or Royce

Was going to.say this, time for.a coached by exchamps tuf.

Maybe coleman? Phone Post

CapnKindBud - It's already BJ & Edgar......BJ should have him come in as a trainer though
Rumor is they gonna fight Super Bowl weekend in NJ. Phone Post 3.0

I would watch the shit out of that!

Actually, what would be awesome is a Sakuraba/Royce retirement fight season. They could even make it all Japanese vs. Brazilians.

Jackson vs renzo gracie Phone Post