Petition for Joey on Main Forum

All you scumbags need to go to the main forum and post on the "Get this guy in the WEC Already" thread.

We need to continue to call attention to the fact that Joey needs to be throttling opponents and getting paid in the WEC. Go there and post about what a badass Marimshergarheas is, and why you think he deserves to be in the big shows. Post pics you have, videos etc.

Be serious too. Especially you green namers. Hiza, Armhunter, "he who is not named on the internets"...and promoters who post here too, Stedham, GG, Orca, Ken C....all you guys need to rally around our hometown boy and really make this thread on the main forum garner some attention.

I imagine Rory will post on it, as he always posts positive stuff about these guys whenever there is a thread about the Spartan guys. Keep it at the top!

Hiza? it's about time to wake up no?

thanks for posting.

haven't seen him fight, but i heard alot about him! Let's see some stats to keep this thread going.

williepep. Everything you said makes sense. That's the signs of one hell of a fighter!! I would love to see some footage one day. That way I can tell people that I saw his fights before he made it big!

Wait. If that's the Mafia, then who the hell have I been working for all these years???? Damn!

Besides the fact that I like Joey, I think he is one of the few AL fighters that can take it to that level given the chance. I have respect for his skillset, and I am not easily impressed.

 he sure is ugly, oh and what mafia!