Petition for Luke Caudillo to


THis kids has been around forever... would love to see him make a splash in the biggest shows in the country


Only that I could find.... lighting SUCKS.

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He's solid.

One of the few people I know that consistantly use shoulder shots and foot stomps in the clinch.

i've ref's a couple of his fights. he's pretty good. uses shoulder shots like no other. real cool dude too.

Why not petition for Zo? The man just fought for your org. I would love to see Alonzo in the WEC.

What happened with Yunker? I just noticed he didn't fight.

Yunker took the fight on 7 days notice and couldn;t make weight. Sat in a Sauna for 5 hours and couldnt get under 163.

Glory Fighting Championships is not my show. But I do PR work as much as I can for any show that hires me to announce.

Now that I think about it... isn't Luke 1-2 to Alonzo ??

Just made this thread cause I saw he is on ROF card and I mentioned it and no one replied... Zo is very deserving of a shot.

GO LUKE!!!!!!

Joe Silva and I have talked about Caudillo, so he should get his shot soon.


General News

Luke "Lil' HULK" Caudillo could be referred to as the gate keeper at 155 for RING OF FIRE. Since debuting for the promotion back in 2003, he has fought six times against some of the best lightweights in the region. He has recently moved to Denver and is training at Nathan Marquardt's High Altitude Gym. Caudillo is coming off a 3 fight win streak, highlighted by a 16 second K.O. in Canada's TKO organization. His opponent is Dennis “The Piranha” Davis.

What do you know about your opponent for ROF 29? I know he is a very skilled fighter, tough, and holds a few titles in other organizations.

How long have you been training for this fight?

I have been training with Duane, Eliot, and the rest of the crew ever since I moved up here to about 3 months.

What game plan do you have? My game plan is pretty easy, I just want to keep the fight at a fast pace and exciting. Whether it stays on our feet or on the ground it is going to be me throwing heavy bombs.

What made you decide to start fighting? I wrestled all my life and I always liked fighting so I thought it would be a fun thing to get into.  I can give most of the credit to Kelly Wiseman for getting me started with his gym back home.

Who has been your toughest or most memorable fight? The toughest AND most memorable was my first fight against Brock Larson.  We threw down and it was a war.

What are your goals in the sport? My main goal is to be a top contender, in the light-weight division, and in a big show.  And of course make some good money too.

Who is your favorite fighter of all time? I would have to say my favorite fighter is Rampage Jackson because he always goes out there to fight and put on an entertaining show.

o read the rest of the interview

I want my cut.

I'd much rather see Huerta fight Caudillo than Evans.

Luke is tough but I have to take Nate on this one. Sorry I'm the negative one on this thread.

Jay I like nate a lot... know of him from way back in my Iowa days. Great stand up fighter, just don't know how he will fair in the clinch/from his back where Luke likes to take things. Nate is way greener than Luke in MMA.

It's a great match up. 2nd best match up on the card behind Stout/Fisher.

I agree. I find it odd that it is the VERY first fight on the card.

Nice work MOTMW!!

I got Nate, I'm biased, tho.

Nate still mainly training with Curran ?