Petition - Sign Hermes Franca To StrikeForce

After what happened to him in his last fight and any real MMA fan in the world thinking it is disgusting to see an established MMA veteran be treated like that lets put him in a legit organization.

StrikeForce could use another veteran LW they have a lot of young talent but not many road dogs that have fought top level fighters like Franca.

Sign if you would like to see him join StrikeForce's LW ranks.



Signed Phone Post

Didn't Strikeforce say that they had no room on their roster?

I'm down

i mean im not plannin on hating, and i believe Hermes should be redeemed, but strikeforce might be a few steps too far. i think he has secured a spot for himself in the bellator tournament. lets see how that pans out first.

 Do it.