Petition: Tim Sylvia vs Daniel Cormier

Since frank Is injured, and rumor was Sylvia was originally contacted to be Cormiers opponent. I suggest a petition to get Sylvia fighting Cormier.

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Not signed.

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 Im a fan of every fighter who has ever stepped into a cage or ring (almost all I should say), and Im a Tim Sylvia fan, but in my opinion he is no where near ready to fight Daniel Cormier

has one of these petition threads ever worked? even once?

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You must really hate Timmay to wish this upon him.

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 I'm in

no thanks

 crazy guy, lol Slyvia would get killed! Im sorry but Tim's best days are waaaay behind him! time to move on man

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Is Arlovski available ?
Kharitonov ?
LAST EMPEROR ?????????!!!!" Phone Post

dannybjj - has one of these petition threads ever worked? even once?

 Acually 2 of these worked before, but I cant for the life of me remember now which 2 they were.. damn getting old sucks =)

sorry no Phone Post

Come on Sylvia just got KO'd by Arlovski and has recently been KO'd by Abe Wagner. This is not a good fight for his long term health

This is cruel. This is a safety risk Phone Post

DC vs Andrei Arlovski


Wedum? Signed.

This thread doesn't seem to be working.

I love big Tim tho Phone Post

He just got ktfoed bro, he has to start over.