Petition to have UFC give Fedor 1 fight deal

 Joost Raimond, the operations manager of Emelianenko's global promotion company M-1, invited the winner of the July 11 UFC heavyweight championship fight between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir to attend the Emelianenko-Barnett bout, and pushed for the UFC to allow Emelianenko to fight that man as part of a one-fight contract on a card that could be fully promoted by UFC.

That's not the way the UFC operates, however.

"The fans can come out and push for this, and make it happen," Raimond said.

At least we'll be heard.  Dana, obviously not the 1 fight deal, but could you pleaaase try to be more flexible in your contract negotiations.  For the fans.  Yourself included.


Victor Kim


As much as I want to see Fedor in the UFC, shit's got to be fair on both sides.

It's time to take the middle path.

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This is a publicity stunt and is no more realistic than asking for a billion dollars or for Zuffa to build Fedor a stadium.  The offer is not being made in good faith.  M-1 knows full well that Zuffa has a strict policy against one fight deals, particular when it concerns matches against their champions.  They are only doing this to embarass Zuffa and that is no way to open a meaningful negotiation.

If Fedor wants one fight in the UFC I say have him fight Chuck. Chuck is likely retired, give him a great final opponent.

Fedor is not that big of a deal. The heavyweight division is boring.

stevekt - If Fedor wants one fight in the UFC I say have him fight Chuck. Chuck is likely retired, give him a great final opponent.

I like this idea. Fedor would maul Chuck. At least we get to see Fedor in The Octagon.

I'd love to see Fedor fight for UFC gold. I just wish he would sign a five fight deal, with the right to relinquish his title at the end of that five fight deal and leave if he wants to with NO strings attached. First fight should be a title shot. If he loses, deal is off and everyone goes their separate ways. If he wins, the five fight deal is in effect and he fights whoever the UFC tells him to.

The guy will be retiring within a few years anyways. What's there to lose Dana? You will cash in like a motherfucker with this guy if you do it right. Maybe get yourself the right to create merchandise using his likeness for the duration of the 5 fight deal, and the right to continue selling that merchandise indefinitely if he walks. But he should also get a percentage of that. That is fair. Why turn your back on potential profit? Being greedy and wanting everything isn't always good for business. That goes for both the UFC and Fedor's managers.

Five fights would probably put Fedor into retirement anyways. Plus...He is at the end of his career. It is obvious. If Barnett doesn't manage to beat him, I am sure somebody else will soon enough. This gives you 5 shots at the title! If you can't get a win in five shots, what the fuck? Giving Fedor his first loss would be nice wouldn't it?

Oh...And if Barnett does beat Fedor. I expect to see Barnett vs Mir or Brock in the octagon within the year.

there would be no point in this for the UFC. they're risking everything with nothing to gain

Signed, but it will never happen. 

Does the UFC even sign "1 fight deals"? Especially with a guy considered by most to be the best P4P fighter in the world? I mean, I can see the UFC signing a 1 Fight Deal with a guy like Ken Shamrock...but Fedor? No. Would never happen. So this thread can end now...

Good point john joe.

Actually, I don't think Dana needs to budge on the 3-fight deal part; that part of the contract is hardly onerous. I think where Dana is going to have to give ground is the perpetual renewal at Zuffa's discretion (which is pretty unusual in sports contracts outside of the UFC), and forbidding Fedor to participate in Sambo. I think a straight up, 3 fight contract could be worked out; if Fedor bombs, he can be cut after either of the first two fights, and in any case at the end of 3 fights they can work out a deal for future fights, or go their separate ways.

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WhiteWhale - so are you guys fans of the UFC's business model or MMA?

seriously wtf is up with this? how can any mma fan not think this is good unless you just like mcdonalds and coca cola

So Fedor fights once in the UFC, wins, and then you and all of the other whiney bitches will start crying again because he's not in the UFC full-time.

The UFC has absolutely nothing to gain by giving him a one fight contract. It's called being realistic. We're fans of MMA, but we're also fans of reality. You putting together little fantasy matchups in your head is not reality.

Both sides need to compromise on their demands. I think it will eventually happen. Until then, stop with the meaningless online petitions and enjoy his fights. He fought Sylvia, Arlovski, and now Barnett. These were all dream matchups for longtime MMA fans. Enjoy the Barnett fight and we'll see what happens after that.

someone vote this fucker up!!!

Whats fair though ? i mean one could make the argument that any fighter whos the #1 p4p fighter in the world that also isn't signed to the ufc should get special treatment to at least partially unify the division... oh wait thats just fedor... why doesn't he deserve special treatment again ? because jo-smo fighting out of alabama still wants to make 300 a week fighting cans in bars while hes in the ufc ?

Fedor vs. Kongo.

ZUFFA MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stevekt - If Fedor wants one fight in the UFC I say have him fight Chuck. Chuck is likely retired, give him a great final opponent.

 If he was only going to have one fight, why would Fedor take it against Chuck?