Petition to have UFC give Fedor 1 fight deal

This will never happen, it's not even worth talking about.

Let's stop pretending that it's only one side or the other being unreasonable here. Both sides need to make concessions for this to work.

The trouble here is that Fedor will win. Having a 1 fight deal does nothing for the UFC. Think of it from their point of view: What do you gain by having the very best in the world come in to your house to kick the shit out of one of the guys you say is "one of the best in the world"?

You gain nothing. Fedor wins, gains popularity, but then you'll just have to pay him more if you want him to come back again, cuz now the average Tufer knows who he is.

It sucks, but Fedor needs a 3 fight deal (at least), with a garunteed "Exibition" match against Brock/Mir, so they don't have worry about losing the title to him. Kongo/Mirko as a warm up, Randy as the big money fight and then ending it with Brock/Mir (loser of the two). Questions would still be unanswered, so there'd be reason to have him back if those three fights went the way people wanted. And if he lost, what's the real loss to the UFC?

The problem with the contract is the sambo. On that, the UFC needs to relent. The guy's a Russian first and a Fighter second. If Fedor didn't fight, he'd be a champion in something else. But no matter what it was that he did, he'd be doing it for Russia. If the UFC wants to grow internationally, it needs to think internationally and understand the politics and cultural traditions that the fans and fighters will tend to have, on that international level.

And really...what's the loss of a damaged Fedor from sambo? write up a stipulation that says any injuries void the contract.

i'd be down for a guaranteed four fight deal. fedor keeps the right to do sambo and some image rights and the championship clause is dropped.

also the ufc gives up the right to cut him after a loss.

i'd like to see fedor get a title shot against whoever is holding the title, and then face some of the up and comers. if he does that, it's hard to see what else he could do in this sport.

 Signed. Or just let the loser of Frank/Brock go fight him somewhere else...or does that guy automatically suck cuz he just lost?

 Think about it, if they could work out even just a 1 fight deal, wich i personally don't think is fair, and even if Fedor won, do you guys think that Dana wouldn't be able to find a way to make then sign another deal.  Yes things would be in Fedor's court, but that only means higher pay.  So then pay him.  Work it out.  He IS the best EVER.  UFC would have to sign a unheard of contract, more along the lines of a boxing contract, but Dana is a marketing genius, and he could sell the fuck out of Fedor, one fight at a time.  Maybe it's what brings the UFC to the next level, here at home, and internationally.    IMO

Can you imagine if this never takes place?  We are LUCKY to watch Fedor in his prime.  For him to never fight in the UFC would be just a travesty.  Regarless of the cost.  I believe Fedor is a once in a lifetime.  Please Dana, make it happen. 

The only thing I don't get is, if the champions clause is really the hangup, why doesn't Zuffa just offer to take it off the table with the provision that Fedor cannot fight for the belt.  He could still fight guys like Couture, Kongo, Carwin, Velasquez, the loser of Lesnar/Mir, etc.  He just wouldn't be allowed to fight for the belt. 

Get him in the door and show him what the Zuffa marketing machine can do for him, but don't let him have a shot at the champ unless he signs the champions clause.  If he bails after three fights, that's a bummer, but at least you didn't tarnish your champ.  On the flip side, if he sees the fame and backend money Zuffa can bring him first-hand, he might be willing to bend on the champions clause.

I don't think Fedor cares about the "ZUFFA MARKETING MACHINE"

^Steve is smart

Has Fedor ever fought in a cage or has he always fought in a ring?

fedor = gatekeeper extrordinaire!

"if he sees the fame and backend money Zuffa can bring him first-hand, he might be willing to bend on the champions clause."

Not so sure about that statement.  Fedor's not in it for the fame.  He's said so himself that he feels uncomfortable with it.  Too lazy to look up source.  Unless you ment the noteriety he would bring for mother Russia.  As far as the money, does he really need that much more money that he won't be using?  Unless you ment for the money he could give to other people.