Pettis Admits He TapouT

And there it is, Pettis just lost to currently the #42 ranked LW in MMA (fightmatrix) 2x in a row and made a cool 1.5M in the process.


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Pettis I take it. He loves him some excuses.

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Anthinhio Pettis


Lol right. You’d think he’s Brazilian with all the excuses.


The PFL should outright cut him at this point. The PFL has to be another $ laundering organization.

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Another thread, another opportunity for me to state the obvious: Pettis has always fucking sucked.

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Cashing checks

Is he still married to Antoine Walkers Ex?

They should do a show number, maybe 50% more for win, 50% more for a KO/Sub.

Told you fags that sub was bogus.

Dan Gadzuric or whatever his name is

Ehhh he has that cocky ass ghetto attitude. Too cool for school with his chin up while he’s chewing gum like a cow & a fade & shades. So him ever admitting he’s weak or doesn’t know something or legit got beat is going to be pretty difficult to come by.

Every single thing he does is to look cool. Smile is not his just normal smile, it’s done in a specific way he thinks makes him look cool, laugh, just sitting there, etc.

He’s the original Instagram wigger before Instagram was big