Pettis makes Sportscenter's Plays of The Year list

Through every sport, through the year, they gave Pettis the nod. I for one have criticized ESPN for not giving MMA enough coverage, even though they throw us a bone like this every once in a while. I'm really happy they gave MMA the nod with the Pettis kick, which they ranked as the 8th greatest "play" of the year.

ESPN 2 carries MMA Live, ESPN Deportes carries Jungle Fights. Try to tune in to both whenever you can to show your support. One day, we could see a full MMA card on ESPN, and that would be AMAZING.

there a link? or was this on the air?

Should have been top 3 IMO

no link, not that i looked. i was just watching SC this morning and saw it on there.

i really wish the kick was a KO... it would be just that much better, and more awe-inspiring.

ttt for Pettis and the million dollar kick that launches him into super stardom!!! Phone Post

Not as good as a dunk though.

Tad Ghostal - Not as good as a dunk though.

yeah when you think about it like that, it is kinda funny. i only remember one dunk on this list, and it was a straight power dunk. nice, but not really AMAZZZZZING.

Yeah, I see guys jump off fences and land head kicks all the time but there were some athletes on that list that hit a ball with a club! Or put a ball through a hoop! How often do you see that?