Pettis out, KZ in vs Aldo

As per DFW's twitter.

Fuck!!!!!!! Phone Post 3.0


Sucks. Fixes the shipping in line issue but.. Fuck!

Hope Pettis stays at 145 after recovery though because the fight needs to happen now. Phone Post

*skipping Phone Post

My excitement for this card has just plummeted. Phone Post

I love Pettis and was looking forward to it but TKZ is the fucking man and has a legit chance against Aldo. I've been telling people about him since I saw him fight in Japan, he could very well be the first Asian UFC Champ. WAR KOREAN ZOMBIE Phone Post 3.0

So shit. Phone Post 3.0

Holy shit, Lamas is getting screwed again.

Love Zombie and all but Lamas should be next.


The card went to shit now Phone Post 3.0

Shit. That's a real bummer. Phone Post 3.0

Fucking damn it! Why is life continuously fucking me in the ass?! This is bullshit! Sucks camels dick!! I need to go lie down to process this. Phone Post 3.0

card went to shit??


I'm so looking forward to this fight!!

Aldo dodged that bullet. Still should be a good scrap. TKZ is an animal. Phone Post 3.0

I'm happy and disappointed at the same time. Phone Post 3.0

Easy win for Aldo..... May as well get another defence under his belt as it will be his last!!! Fucked off!!!!! At least another 6-8 month before we see AP vs JA now! Phone Post 3.0

subwrassler - card went to shit??


I'm so looking forward to this fight!!
The UG is retarded. They forget how good TKZ looked before he got hurt. I'm more excited for the card now. Pettis is a bit overrated. Phone Post 3.0

Shit, was looking forward to it. KZ is good, but idk know if he's ready for aldo. Phone Post 3.0

Interdasting... Phone Post 3.0