Pfizer to submit COVID-19 vaccine approval for kids as young as 5

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Vitamins are now vaccines.

Well now it looks like this, first kids are totally safe, they saw they can push vaccines kinda easily to people, kids instantly become not safe,well the media reports it,all numbers are inflated with weak ass symptoms like higher temperature then normal, kids now being vaccinated
Lets prepare anuses for microchips next
Media and goverment will find the they why you have to do it, like now you will get something like “freedom” if you have chip

Like green pass at the moment, some laywer pointed out if i have a bike and use helmet, do i need to be still carefull and dont get in accident ?
So if i have green pass do i need stay safe and use all safety recommandations?
Or if i have green pass i can travel the fuk around the world and dont use safety recommandations?
That’s bizarre as fuk
Then you think vaccinated people are not safe from delta variants, but can travel etc…
How the fuk its even possible

Weird how the OGers that scream trust the science are.not in here calling this vaccine unnecessary.

Dabi? PSL? Ksac?
Where’s the ree crew?!

Here is an anonymous Big Pharma executive’s take on vaccinating 12-15 year olds, much less younger kids. It’s a long article with a lot of technical detail, but well worth investing the time to read.

I would love to see what see what percentage of Big Pharma executives and scientists are vaccinating their own kids and grandkids. I would bet my house that their behavior is pretty similar to social media executives, who are notorious for not letting their children use their product.

I agree with you. I have a son who is ten who will not be getting vaccinated because it’s just trading non consequential risks

But myocarditis is most commonly a response to fighting an infection. If you get that from an immune response due to a vaccine, then a covid infection is very likely to cause it as well. I feel like there are many reasons not to vaccinate young people, but this isn’t one of them and is just fear porn.

It’s an incredibly rare occurrence (as are the chances of being hospitalized when you are young), so similar to the vaccination of younger people you are just trading inconsequential risks.

But the comparison is not reasonable to me because you are comparing a pretty minor health issue (myocarditis) with covid hospitalizations that could include a machine helping you breath. That is a rare and extreme thing to compare. Something like 500 kids have died of covid in the USA and I don’t believe anyone has died of myocarditis (related to vaccine), so it’s a very apples and oranges comparison, even though I agree with the overall message.

They’ll try to fit it into an infants scheduled vaccine appointments soon enough.

These people have no limits and are disgusting

I had a bacterial infection and experienced myocarditis once fwiw. It’s not that big of a deal – for some people it can develop into real serious problems but it happens to millions of people and then goes away with no long term effects. It’s an inflammation of the heart and can happen to healthy people fighting a virus.

Whether or not the myocarditis is caused by the vaccine or not is irrelevant to the seriousness of it in children. Study showed that kids are 6 times more likely to develop adverse reactions to the vaccine than Covid. Here’s some info pertaining to myocarditis in children, definitely doesn’t sound like something that isn’t a big deal:


Myocarditis has an ominous prognosis in newborns, with 75% mortality when Coxsackievirus B is the suspected pathogen (29). Older children fare better; mortality is less than 25%, while another 25% of children will suffer from chronic symptoms of heart failure. Recovery is complete in about one-half of diagnosed cases (30).

Myocarditis in infants and children: A review for the paediatrician.

Anyone who injects that crap in a 5 year old should be hung. Any parent who lets them inject this into their child is an unfit parent

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Now they are starting to admit that even for men in their 20s and 30s, the cost-benefit of the vaccine might be underwater. It’s fucking insane to even DISCUSS giving it children.

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The problem is they’ve brainwashed so many parents especially women to be so fucking fearful of covid. My wife is ready to line up when it’s approved and our kid is 2.5. I tell her repeatedly that it’s not like measles or polio or small pox. Hell it is not even as deadly as the flu for her age group. She’s full on driven by panic because the media driven hysteria. Even with delta infecting kids at greater rates than before it’s still not showing any significant danger to kids. But you express that and it’s irrational response.

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