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The top level women’s MMA fighters are as fun to watch as the men. And watching an in their prime champion boxer transition over is fascinating for multiple reasons.

I don’t understand the hate for women fighters. Yeah some suck and they don’t have the depth of men’s divisions but there are some competitive as Fuck fun fights and match ups make fights.

Was there any world class boxers in ufc 1? Did Art Jimmerson have a gold medal? It’s not often that truly elite boxers fight in mma. It’s kind of funny how emotional you are over this lol

You don’t know what you are talking about which makes it even funnier. The guys I trained with were at one of the OG schools on the East Coast. That school helped Royce get ready for his initial UFC fights and many of the students went to Torrance to teach and live. During that time my coach left to live in Brazil. He came back to start his own program but everyone mostly trained at the main branch. I realized I could get more 1 on 1 attention here so I did and he paid us back by rolling non stop with us.

That’s the problem. There’s only a few top level fighters.

Bro I’m “emotional” because the shit you are saying is truly unbelievable.

How can someone who isn’t on drugs or mentally challenged even say the shit you are saying?

Did you not see UFC 1??? Have you trained a day in your life? The answer to both is obviously no.

It doesn’t matter if the boxer is a world champion or has one fight. It is the EXACT same. They have to learn an entirely new art to keep the fight in their wheelhouse.

No shit a boxer gets taken down in MMA??? No shit a pure wrestler gets subbed quickly in MMA? No shit a pure BJJ person is going to get pieced up on the feet in MMA?

Please go back and watch the first UFC’s your mind will be blown.

I have been in similar situations and if you have good black belts rolling with you it can be a HUGE advantage. If all they do is smoke you…not good but if they train you correct this is as good as when you are at a super school like Renton or Ralphs etc

… and it’s not exactly like she’s going to get KO’ed during her growth period. I didn’t see the fight yet, but I think this girl’s going to have a bright future if she keeps at it. I’d like to see her go train with the Iron Lady though… the world has enough Holly Holm’s already.

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Who knew the pfl could generate this much discussion lol???

My coach went to Brazil for about 5 years and got his black belt there which was extremely rare back in those times to happen especially because he was an American. He would roll with us non stop and yes at times he would fuck us up but he was like a computer in the manner he would retain information and share it. He would bring us to open mats at the main branch to roll and the core group of guys who stood around got very good very quickly. It even caused some tension between the main school and my coach. I quit for almost a decade because I had to pay for college though.

Let me sum it up. Regardless of who is fighting, MMA isn’t as fun without the threat of a stoppage. So one of the huge complaints about the lighter weight divisions, and WMMA in general, is the lack of stopping power and stopping skill.

And then with WMMA, the talent pool is so thin that part-time trailer trash–non-athletes and non-martial artists, just “bad bitches” with shitty attitudes, tattoos and pitbulls–still make it very far in the sport. Mix in Holly and Tecia’s point sparring and most people are DONE.

This is coming from a guy who’s very excited about Clarissa’s debut.

I have nothing against Shields. I am glad that the PFL is attempting to build a “new” division. My issue is that we aren’t talking about boxing or judo. We are talking about how a MMA fight would go and from what I saw tonight Kayla will kill her today or in the future at the rate she is improving.

The division has like 20 people in it world wide. Kayla has 8 fights. Her first fight was Elkin and she killed her as well. The Kayla vs Shields fight will have to happen within 2 years as long as the PFL keeps both. I don’t think Shields can improve enough to win.

Additionally, if you had Shields vs Kayla in both their 1st fights we could all agree that Kayla would have killed her then to as both debuting fighters.

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I think the fact that you think you can deduce how much time I’ve spent in combat sports based off a couple of internet comments is pretty amusing.

I hear you. I train a lot of local fighters and see some trailer ass bitches fighting. Most get smoked but not all…. Wmma is behind us but they still have some competitive matches and match ups make fights. Can’t argue about finishes but I appreciate competitive fights as much as finishes. That said you make good points but I still think wmma is important for the sport and fun to watch for some of us.

"Kayla will beat Shields! " A chick who has trained 5 months and he’s telling us this. Brilliant stuff.

As for your commentary on their first fight, Shields has to learn an entirely new discipline to keep the fight in her wheelhouse. Kayla doesn’t. That is an incredibly huge difference. More brilliant analysis.

Either that or you are brain damaged. No other option. But seriously go watch the first UFC’s you’ll be amazed.

Agree 100%!

You reasoning would have made sense but you left out the fact that Kayla had to learn striking to transition her grappling over to MMA. All fights start standing on the feet. They both have to learn how to become “MMA” fighters in order to impose their specialty.

On an entirely different topic, will the PFL have fans back in attendance? I always wanted to attend but never made the trip to AC. I would like to see Ray Cooper compete in person.

But she doesn’t! You don’t have to learn striking to take someone down. It helps, but not necessary. And even when it is necessary, the learning curve is nothing like having to learn wrestling and grappling to keep the fight on your feet.

The comparison is total shit and not in the same universe.

So much delusion in this thread wow.

Not sure about the fans coming back, hopefully so. When you go you should take a sign that says “Kayla beats Claressa!” so we can see where you are and cheer you on.

We can agree to disagree on how long it takes to get proficient at striking to set up takedowns. I have seen enough wrestlers and jiu jitsu guys in the gym try to learn stand up to know the truth.

If I go I will invite some of Kayla’s old judo friends who I know andI’ll also make sure to invite my boxing coach who knows Claressa. I am sure we can all get along.