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A pure bjj person is going to get pieced up on the feet in Mma? Didn’t you see ufc 1???

UFC I was not MMA . It was style vs style NHB. No one had figured out how to “mix martial arts.” So it was literally boxing vs jiu jitsu etc.

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Lol the density of this thread is truly something

Yes they will in modern day MMA

Shields was surprisingly annoying in victory, reminded me of Serena. Props for doing what she said, before the fight she said she might get taken down but she won’t give up and will prevail. I was cheering for her because it’s way more interesting and fun if she won.

You were saying 2 years training and shields will be a problem for anybody. That is simply not true. Kayla will rag doll shields no matter how much training. I only keep using Kayla as an example because I don’t know any other 155 women, there aren’t many.

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Ok? Kayla could still beat her in two years. So? Kayla might be the best female fighter in the world in 2 more years and be able to beat anyone in the world.

In 2 years Shields is going to be a major problem for most competitors if she keeps training MMA diligently.

You predicted MMA isn’t for Shields based on her fight last night.

I’ve seen some really bizarre posts on here, but that right there is at the very top. The fact you think you can predict Shields should “stick to bareknuckle boxing” and not MMA after she has trained actual grappling for only 5 months is just amazing.