PFS Modular Programs

HI everyone, I had responded to a thread a few days back sombody had a question about PFS. Well Paul Vunak still teaches all his senior instuctors and all his IPTP courses when Paul did his Summit out in Knoxville he told everyone that he has been getting alot of request from people that they wanted specialized training in certain areas and at least for now he wants Bruce Corrigan to teach these modular programs for more info you can go to there is a 2 bedroom apartment above the school and when you fly out and train you stay above the school the set up is awsome and the training you will receive is outstanding. Pedro Brandao a black belt from Gracie Barra teaches the BJJ so you train till you drop go up stairs shower eat and come on down and train so more. Bruce is great in trapping range with edged weapons and empty hands. He will becoming out with a video DVD series in the near future.