PG Fight club

hi guys hows it goin i was wonderin where the club is now is it still on 3rd avenue? thanx jazz

What sort of club is it, what do they train in? I might get a transfer to Prince George next year, and am curious what sort of training opportunities there are.


the 'fightclub' moniker is probably an accurate description of what they do... i think they train in the art of the beatdown

its bill mahoods club they do grappling boxing and teqnique training but im not sure what time the class schedules are one more favour to ask jackyl may u please post the saturday training time? or if there even is saturday afternoon training anymore? thanx

chinaski: If you're looking for MMA in PG then Bill Mahood's club is pretty much the only game in town. I've had nothing but good experiences on the ( very ) rare occasions that I've trained over there. Likewise, we have a good time when one of them works out with us.

If you're more into gi grappling then there are three judo clubs to choose from ( Hart Judo, PG Judo and North Capital). Of those, I've found North Capital to be the club that would be the most appealing to someone with a BJJ/grappling background.

It's probably best to try all of the above, plus anything else you can find, and choose for yourself.

The badger is right....
The best place to train is north capitol...but really its the only place to train.....Would you rather train with 5 or 6 adults or 25 adults anygiven night....If you want quantity its north capitol, if you want quality its north capitol....

Thanks guys.


Off topic, I tried posting this in the Poker ground but no one answered. Is there anywhere in PG to play poker? I saw that there's 2 casino's but they don't have any kind of websites.


ttt for PG gamblin

hey chinaski, you are in luck. I am a member/coach at the pg fight club and also run the poker club which shares the same space as the pg fight club. I just moved the club when Bill was in Australia and it is newly renovated.

We hold friday - Sunday night games of hold-em and omaha. We also have a sundy night texas holdem tournament style.

Call me for any more info on the fight club or poker club.

Bruno 250-613-7571