PGA 2021

Damn… On a tough day Rose tore it up.

I’ve got 10 on rose For 430 back I was so close to putting 20 on ffs

This shit is shaping up just fine for a great Sunday

Rooting for Zalatoris

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Did Matsu par 18? I had to leave.

Yeah even after sailing one 30 yards over the green.

He was rolling.

Is there a consensus “hardest Hole” at augusta?

10 is a tough one. So is 11

12 seems to be really hard on Sunday with that fucked up little hole location

The green on 5 is very hard

Really a tough call in my opinion

I just hope for a competitive finish. Would be nice if it came down to the wire.

And most importantly i hope everyone has fun

God I hope HM wins

And we have a ball game

Damn, all he had to do was avoid the water lol…at least hes making things interesting!



God damn what a win for Hideki

Good for him. I’m a fan

Jesus lol. What a dick.