Ph.D.s in BJJ/MMA

I seem to see them popping up everywhere...

This was sparked off my Matt Thornton's mention of Rosi Sexton(Ph.D. in Maths from Manchester U.). Then there's John Frankl (Ph.D. in Korean Literature, Harvard) and John Danaher (Renzo black belt, Ph.D. in philosophy from Columbia).

I'm sure there are more out there. I don't seem to remember too many Ph.D. black belts in the pre-MMA days (but then again, I wasn't looking).

Part of my interest is I'm a Ph.D. candidate myself (graduating July, I hope) but I'm only a mere white belt. I swear I've worked harder on my BJJ than my thesis, but I guess I have more talent for academia than I do for grappling.

Brain Jones is working on his PhD in Exercise Phys. He is a purple belt in BJJ and soon to be Black in Judo. He competes as an amateur in MMA.

Ha I thought you were talking about people actually awarding PhD degrees IN BJJ/MMA.

I'm just a lowly M.Ed, but I did earn PhD's in MMA: Permanent head Damage!

Mike McGlynn told me he will be getting his PhD in about six months I believe. I think it's in Medeval Literature. He is currently a blue belt at Beaverton OR SBG.

Judo has always had a relatively large number of
players with advanced degrees from my
perspective. I'm not sure why, maybe due to it
being taught at some colleges as a P.E. course.
There are several judoka with Juris Doctors and
M.D.s here in the Atlanta area.


Paul Myatovich (SBG New Jersey) is going for his PhD in clinical psychology.

In my classes here in Hawaii I have a few doctors, several lawyers, a Philosophy Ph.D., and a few that will be there later. (Both in Chemistry.) You should hear our after-class discussions!

Judo BB with Ph.D.'s are all over the place in the Washington, DC area. Especially at NIH.

Hopefully I'll be both one day. Better finish my B.A.
first, though. (Only 3 more weeks!) Oh yeah, I should
try and pick up a purple, too. I'm moving slowly in
the right direction, though.