Phil Baroni Manila Video Blog

Here is a new video blog we did for Phil for his OneFC fight this weekend.

Sorry about the audio issues, we had to shoot and edit this super fast.

We will be doing a more interesting fight week and post fight blog after. ;)



great video!!!!


War NYBA! Phone Post

For later. War NYBA! And Swick! Phone Post 3.0

Phil is the man. 

Would love to see him get another soccer kick win. 

War NYBA!!!

Yo swick!!! Just started watching TUF one all over again/

when will you fight leben? awesome vid and thanks for sharing!!! Phone Post 3.0


These are always badass. War BEST EVA.

Good luck this weekend.

Baroni, Kick some ass


Get that W Baroni, make us New Yorkers proud!


War NYBA and way to go Swick! Phone Post 3.0

War NYBA Phone Post

Can't wait for this fight

tres_equis_666 - War NYBA Phone Post
. Phone Post 3.0


Thanks for stopping by Mike!

Phil, the best eva!