Phil Baroni on Yellow Cards

Why stop at yellow cards?

Just merge MMA with boxing!

Thanks for posting the vids Ray. Love what you guys are doing over there at TMT.

Thunderlips The Ultimate Male - Fighting in a ring is more a striker's game and thus guys like Wanderlei and Shogun could have more success. Plus everyone in PRIDE was scared to death of both of them. Fighting in a cage is much better for grapplers, especially wrestlers. Most of the guys who came over from PRIDE were strikers by style and strategy mostly. Noguiera was not and thus he was able to transition more smoothly.

Huh? I think you need to stick to the Wrestling Rules! threads, no? ;p

It wasnt the ring as much as the knees and kicks on the ground that helped Wand and Shogun.

It also helped that Wand was in his prime then. Shogun is much younger and hasnt taken half the damage Wand has. Wand is clearly on the decline, Shogun has actually improved.

And Nogueira has transitioned more smoothly than Shogun, eh?

Wrestling Rules!