Phil Baroni with broken ankle vs ? : who would win

So The NYBA has a broken ankle or whatever.

How many normal people could he still beat?

Scenario 1:Immediately after the break, in the cage - who could he beat?

Scenario 2:In a cast a few days later - who could he beat?


He could beat Dr. Phil 4 out of 7 fights. Phone Post 3.0

I imagine that, in scenario 1, I could try to kick or punch Baroni until I gassed, with no effect, then he would finish me as soon as he got a hold of me from the ground.

Scenario 2: he would still beat most bar brawlers even if he was on crutches

I think he could hop and pull guard on most people and finish

One stomp on that fucked up ankle would.end things, but he'd still take out a few people. He's a tough fucker. Phone Post

Umm, what? Right after he broke his ankle? Pretty sure I could manage that.., lol if he had a cast he'd probably ko me. Phone Post 3.0

He MIGHT win a rematch with...oh, never mind.