Phil Cardella fighting in Sharkfights Texas 5/2

WEC fighter,GFC vet,Phil Cardella will be fighting in Sharkfights in Lubbock, TX, May 2nd against Johnny Flores, I believe a Paul Buentelo protege. This is supposed to be a big show down there. All of you who live in Texas and know Phil, make sure to come out and support him there. I think its at Texas Tech.

Johnny is actually a Keith Sutton/ Team Tollerence member.

Sorry, dont know much about him. Is he from Witchita or Alice Tx? I dont think his record is correct on the internet either.

i'll be there to support my old trainer Rex Richards

I hear Rex is the main event. Played football at Texas Tech right? Anybody know anything about Flores?

Yeah, Johnny's record is actually 2 Johnny Flores combined. The Johnny that Phil is fighting is 6-2.

ok, I was told 5-2 and that he was training with Paul. Whats his style like? Everyone knows Phil is a Relson Gracie jiu jitsu black belt, has ok muay thai. Dont know much about Flores.

good luck to phil

thanks Rafael, Phil really respects you alot. Jay Dennis


Phil rules...
Phil by brutal elbows!


Shaping up to be a good card. I'll be there in Phils corner.


 Phil is one of the nicest guys in MMA. He has serious skills. Good luck to him.


I hope the judges are better at this event than they were at the last event Phil fought in. Good luck, Phil!

johnny is well rounded with brutal knees and elbows. real fast hands and smooth submissions. when is this fight?

anyone know the dates?

Saturday, May 2nd in Lubbock. You can watch for $9.95 on internet