Phil Cardella vs Rafael Dias GFC!!

Phil Cardella (Relson Gracie 6-2) is fighting Rafael Dias(ATT 7-1-1)in the GFC. Both of these guys post here, and this looks to be a tough fight for both guys. However, I think it will be a very entertaining fight for us to watch with a lot of good high level jiu jitsu and striking. I watched Dias on BoDog last Sat night, he's good, and Phil is coming in after a win in the last GFC. Who's excited about this fight?

im a big fan of dias now!


ttt go Dias!

Go Rafael!!!!!ATT!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really belive that this could be the fight of the night and worth the tix price by itself. Look for these guys to bang and go for subs like crazy. I remember watching Phil triangle choke Pedro Brandao when he was a brown belt and Brandao was black.

Go Phil!

My whole school will be there rooting for my teammate Phil. He is a warrior and great friend. I am really looking forward to this fight as are alot of people.


I met Phil when he fought in Biloxi at the FFC... tough tough loss that night, but what a nice guy... so humble and extremely easy to talk to... Good look Phil!!

3Ts for my boy Rafa!!!

lots of guys called saying they were coming just to see this fight...(phone rings in background)



Go Phil. TTT

sasquatch is my hero

Agreed, it's the fight I'm looking forward to seeing the most... but I'll have to watch on PPV. Will this fight be televised?

Jay, why isn't Rhalan fighting on this card?

Ray, it will be on tv, but different Networks will show it different times. It will also be webcast. Are you going out of town? Feel free to call me, Robin has my number, dont want to leave it around here.

Is Bodog allowing Dias to fight (non-exclusive), or is he not with them anymore? His fight with Aziz was AWESOME! I thought he won, but I understood the draw.

Leva o braco do cara embora pra casa!