Phil Davis injured, out of UFC 133

And UFC main event curse continues Phone Post

 Mark Coleman?

Rashad is gonna wait for the Jones/Rampage fight without a doubt. Its what he does lol

no chance it will be Coleman


My God This Reem - BEAT YOU!
And you bumped his thread in bragging about it! 

Anyway... Machida is healthy, so is Tito.

Rematch, Anyone? 

 Good, I didnt wanna see Phil lose so soon he needs more time to mature.

I vote Machida rematch

someone leaked this here last night,who was it stand up and take your prize!!!!the UG rocks!!!

Machida just got his fight Phone Post

Machida or Tito would be good replacements But id rather see a new fight instead of a rematch

Rashad/tito 2

Brandon Vera I heard is looking for a fight. Phone Post


Tito or Machida. Both solid options IMO. I bet Rashad wants Tito LOL

Cheeto more cheese Phone Post

Terrible main event anyway.

I'm guessing VMAT. And a total snoozer.

Gotta go with Tito after a quick win he should be ready.

Machida makes sense as well.

Throw Rashad, Tito, and Machida in a triple threat match. Winner of that gets to be guest referee in the Jones/Rampage fight. Phone Post