Phil Hughes Grappling Dummy Review

I recently received my grappling dummy that I ordered from Phil
Hughes. I want to thank Phil for putting together an awesome
training tool. I've tried many times to put together a good
grappling dummy, but they never came out the way I wanted.
Phil's dummy has exceeded my expectations.

While the dummy was being built, Phil kept in constant contact
with me letting me know how things were going. He also wanted
feedback on how I planned on using the dummy so he could build
it with my plans in mind. Once the dummy was shipped, Phil sent
me the tracking number so I knew where my order was.

The dummy itself is very solid. It weighs just under 60 lbs, but it
feels a lot heavier. I'm still in the breaking in phase, but I am able
to practice submissions and different combinations like I wanted
from various positions. I've been able to practice my mount and
side mount escapes with it as well.

Whether you just want to get some extra practice in on drilling
techniques or maybe you lack training partners, Phil's dummy will
definately help you out and is worth the investment.

sweeeet. can you provide some contact/pricing info?

ttt for Phil

ttt, more info please

I have a Phil Hughes grappling dummy, and it's excellent.

I don't know if Phil ever set up a website to sell them, but if you're in
the market for one, I recommend it.
I've never tried a bubba dummy, but I hear they're great too.

The Bubba Dummy is great, does anyone know how the two compare?

Gary Hughes

You can contact Phil for more info at,
just make sure you put grappling dummy in the subject line.

I scared the hell out of my wife a little while ago. I put it sitting in
our recliner chair in the living room and as soon as she walked in
she screamed liked crazy thinking someone else was in the house.
She keeps forgetting that I have


Phil is the of the nicest guys Ive ever dealt with in this game and winner of the first fight I ever booked.

I strongly encourage everyone to get in touch with him and his dummy.




any pics of the dummy in action?

"any pics of the dummy in action?"

Not yet. We're still waiting for BSF to release the footage of his fight with Erik Apple.





By far the best dummy I've ever seen. And he makes great grappling dummies too.





I have one too that Phil made for me a few years ago. This dummy is quite different from the average training dummies available on the market in that they have articulate joints that move realistically and provide resistance. For example, when doing an armbar you'd have to pull against the resistance of the arm. You'd have a damn hard time making the arm go past 180 degrees.

As a cool add-on benefit, it also freaks some people out when they saw a "body" lying on the floor in the dark ;).



I actually tried the very first one he made around 5 or 6 years ago and it was better than any other one out there, so i can only imagine that the one's he's making now are crazy.