Phil Pfister interview (vid)

Interview of Phil Pfister, 2006 World's Strongest Man. Love the hair!

Sounds like he only did two functional training days a week and one heavy lifting day. Hard to believe.

Here's the video of a workout that XenNova posted on the thread about Mariusz. This shows the actual workouts.


If he actually did as was stated above and trained three sessions a week. I would imagine the real benefits were from the following factors.

  1. More recovery from training only three times a week.

  2. More recovery from having only one truly heavy session a week.

  3. Better conditioning (which he may have lacked) from doing the "functional" training twice a week.



conditioning is evident by the last 20 seconds of the workout tape. He was winded laying on that floor. The stuff he was doing looked "silly" but if it taxed his cardio it helped him.

He didnt need to build strength but it probably went up because he only did one heavy day a week. He probably recovered better.

I really liked that one exercise he did about a minute into the tape. I dont know what you call it but theres weights on a straight bar and hes picking it up off the ground.

Its just dead weight so its very tough!

jeremy hamilton are you joking? those are deadlifts

lmao, i thought i layed the sarcasm on thick enough.

i heard the dude can pass a quarter through his wedding ring