Phil Simms/Tony Dungy Refuse To Say Redskins

Simms and Dungy announced they refuse to say Redskins in Washington Redskins broadcasts this season.

Where do you stand on the name?

What do you think of announcers taking this stance?

I don't know Simms' move other than wanting to remain safe but I feel Dungy totally wants to fly under any radar after his Michael Sam flap.

Dungy won't dare even share his opinion ever again unless that opinion directly relates to play calling.

Do you feel the announcers should take this type of a stand?

Personally they are announcers who are calling a game, not editorializing.

Therefore they have a job to do and need to say team names so long as that name is the name of the team.

They can have the belief the name must be changed, but until it is I feel as broadcasters they must say the name like any other team playing.

What say you? Phone Post 3.0

It never ends with libs, people need to stop giving in to these protests.

Fuck these PC assholes. Bring back Jimmy the Greek.

Fuck both of them. Specially Dungy and his holier then thou attitude. As much as Synder is a douche, I hope he never changes the name. Don't they do AFC games mostly?


Football is trying its hardest to make people tune out.

Seems silly. When someone says Redskins, everything thinks about the football team

The whole thing is rediculous and it never should have gained this much traction. 

It's interesting that they're doing this.
I don't think anyone on either side of the issue will notice because just calling the team "Washington" will sound completely normal. Often the announcers refer to the team by the city.

The name is absurd and grotesque, and if they don't want to say it, that's between them and their employers. I have no problem with the omission.

Its his right to do that, but fuck dungy. His Michael Sam stance was fucking retarded Phone Post 3.0

Get off your high and mighty horses guys. You have never had a problem saying it before.

Course, this whole name debate is idiotic in the first place. So I'm not surprized some people are having idiotic responses to it.

disbeliever - 
TzTinkle - It never ends with libs, people need to stop giving in to these protests.
This. Phone Post 3.0

dungy has some pretty conservative views. he is a family values guy.

Probably doesn't like the All Blacks either Phone Post 3.0

Idiocy. Phone Post 3.0

I am perfectly fine if you support the team name.

I'm perfectly fine if you want it changed.

I'm not Native American so I cannot understand issues with it. I like the name because I'm used to it and it's better than whatever shitty animal they'd get instead.

Team names SUCK now.

You'll never ever get Packers, Steelers or 49ers again.

Everything has to be a weather catastrophe, animal or some awful thing like Blast or something.

To me, Redskins with the warrior says bad ass, brave warriors and that's more football than a cute animal with a lime green swoosh and a furry mascot.

I'm sick of politicizing everything and broadcasters taking these stands.

You are paid to call the games, represent your network and the league you cover.

It ain't a podcast or an opinionated show like PTI.

To me it feels smug and pretentious like Olbermann style or worse it reeks of freon men scared of HuffPo op ed pieces and Twitter blasts so they take the far left stance only because it's the safest for staying employed.

It seems dishonest by these men because I don't think it's really their taking a stand at all and it feels like bowing to the left.

Conservatives are considered such controlling, screw tyrants but I've yet to see anyone have to follow their edicts if they want to remain employed like I do with guys trying to stay in good favor with the HuffPo crowd for the wrong reasons. Phone Post 3.0

I would fire them. Its not like people are going to stop watching.

Do indians even watch football?

steve85uk - Its his right to do that, but fuck dungy. His Michael Sam stance was fucking retarded Phone Post 3.0

Dungy is a holier-than-thou hypocrite. Wouldn't sign Sam because he would be a distraction, but he was Michael Vick's biggest supporter. Truly the league's moral compass.

I have honestly never in my life heard the term used for anything, or anyone outside of the reference to the team. Never heard anyone in conversation referring to redskins as a people, never heard the term used in movies, not even old school cowboys and indians movies. I just don't get it! Next it will be "change the Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Natives".