Philadelphia Fights March 11th

Date: March 11th, 2005
Time: 7pm
Location: Maria de los Santos Recreational Center
5th Street and Allegheny Ave.
Philadelphia, Pa. 19130
Ticket Prices $35.00
Contact: Angel Cartagena @ 215.520.9682

Lots of parking available in street and rear of bldg.;
Venue can hold up to 600 people;
Locker rooms for blue and red corners;
Training rooms available;
Teakon Sanctioned event;
Philadelphia Fox and Comcast covering event.

All arts are participating: Jujistu, Vinyasa(African martial art), ThaiBoxing, MMA, Boxers, Ninjitsu, Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Kickboxing

All fighters and schools participating can sell tickets and keep $10.00 off each $35.00 tickets sold.

Rules of fighting:
Minimum age: 18 years old.

3rds/ 2 minutes each

Kicks: All kicks / Muay Thai kicks legal.
** Note** No direct straight knee attacks allowed

Punches: boxing, hammer punching, open palm.

Knees and elbows legal to the body (not allowed to the attack the head.)

All takedowns, sweeps and throws legal (knee or hand not allowed to touch ground during takedown - takedowns or throws have to be 1.5 seconds quick or clinch will be broken up by referee.)

Clinching legal - strikes, knees, elbow, throws, punches takedowns have to be 1.5 seconds quick - referee will break clinch.

No grappling allowed.

No gouging, hooking, poking...etc...

Headgear, cloth shinguards, mma style gloves, protective cup and mouthguard mandatory.

Physicals will be provided to all fighters at meeting or fight night.

hmmm should I TTT this j/k


Yeah it is basically San Da/Shou matches with MMA gloves.

They are working with what they are being allowed and when you combine all the things that they are being allowed it looks alot like the rules for the afforementioned art.

They are trying to lay the groundwork for more fighting events in PA-Muay Thai,Boxing,Kickboxing,San Da/Shou, and MMA.

Gotta start somewhere.....



In the previous event Body Arts Gym, Philly MMA/Fight Factory, Joe Diamond's Gym, San Shou Delaware, Vinyasa African Arts, and Balance Studio students were particpating. Some other schools showed up from Allentown but fights were cancelled due to weight and lack of rules clarity. This time rules are pretty clear. Furyux is right. Style of fighting is exactly like San Shou except MMA gloves are being used. This is great for Pennsylvania and South Jersey fighters. Bring it on... any art..tell your friends.... contact me with any questions @ 215.520.9682 / Angel

This seems a little wierd, im told that mma is not approved in pa, and kickboxing of any kind, is still only being sanctioned by the wka, whats this and does it have sanctioning? does the state athletic commission have a role here? i heard there was an mma event in north philly, yet it wasnt at all sanctioned, nor was it legal! whats up?

so whats up? noone is answering here at all