Philips Hue LED Home Automation

I bought the starter kit with the three LED lights and wireless controller and it is pretty cool out of the box. The lights are configurable to over 1 million colors and they have some nice pre set themes. It was very easy to set up and out of the box and simple to configure. The free app is decent but I wanted to do more so I installed Hue plus for andriod ($1)and was able to create groups with different settings for different moods. It also allows you to use widgets on your home screen as well as your lock screen so you can modify your lighting without having to log in. My wife wasn't as impressed as I was but who cares. I admit, I got more lights than I need and I am going to return a couple and get the light bar instead. I am going to install the disco app tomorrow after I get the light bar and see how it does with music!

wait a second is this for the outside of the house?

i gotta tell you this and opera might set a good mood for the kill room.


indeed.....15000 hours worth...two year guarantee on the lights...i'm thinking about having some drugs! i don't know anything about drugs but i am guessing this would be pretty cool with some.

if you are growing with philips LED lights...otherwise you will have to build a custom job...i recommend raspberry pi...powerful circuit board, very customizable. you can even build a drone with it...

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there is a lot of shit you can do with it. there is a website that has a bunch of customized "recipes" that will automatically adjust your lights if it meets certain conditions. for example if someone tags you on facebook the lights will dim and brighten. You can even set the lights to go on automatically if you are within a certain distance.
I attempted to install a few in the bathroom but my domestic said no way is she allowing me remote control of the lights in the bathroom. fricken party pooper!

Lol....i set all the lights to turn dark red when i get home...tje wife is gonna hate it!

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i gotta tell you this and opera might set a good mood for the kill room.


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