Phill Hughs - Pre Fight Photo

Check out what kind of shape Phil was in just minutes before the fight !@

Nice Joe. Any fight shots?


Hey Tony,

I'm on the 6:10 to New York for three days, but I'll try to get fight shots up by the end of the week.

I'll call you tomorrow night about some "other" business.


"Excuse me sir, will you Pleeease get in the back of the car."


"Ok then. Bye!"

Serious conditioning. Is that the combat callistenics that Tony is bringing a tape out on?


You are looking good! Conditioning is indeed a key element to the total package.



What did you do to get so shredded?


Hi guys,

Thanks for the photo Joe. I need a tan!


I did alot of Free-body combative drills and aerobic/anerobic cardio. I followed the same 'Blauer threshold principles' I wrote about in MA training.

I also eat very 'clean', Drink lots of H20, take vitamins and fibre, and 'TRY' to get enough rest.

you can e-mail me for details.