Phillip Redmond -- Anyone know him

I am looking into some Wing Chun classes in my area. One of the more reputable (and closest) is a man named Phillip Redmond. Anyone heard of this guy? Everything I've read has been positive for him.

Any information would be helpful.

He's one of William Cheung's top instructors in the US. Been doing it for a long time, probably 25-30 years. Was a Vietnam vet (Marines) also.

I've never met him, but have corresponded via email. Sounds like a standup guy and very good teacher, and I've never seen anyone say a bad word against him.

FWIW, I've done Wing Chun in Australia with another student of William Cheung's, Rick Spain, for about 15 years, so I have some knowledge.

He and I got into an argument a few times on
I trained with student of William Cheung, Julian Sawyer under Sifu Clayton for a short time.