Philly is on pace to break homicide record again

Frances Wang reporting:



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Well the Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner checks in on twitter with his only tweet in the last week:

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I love surprises!

She is a smoke show but it looks like she had some shit that looked like monkey pox at some point.

Nice straw man dipshit, completely ignore that she broke another country’s crime lol. guy is a fucking loon. he is universally despised in Philly. I don’t know anyone that thinks he isn’t a dickhead but he still keeps getting voted in. The cult of Dem has some Jedi Mind Tricks on these idiots.

Ferpes-Face Herpes

Would you let her give you a blowie with that shit on her face?



Ikey Raw is a guy from Philly who is an activist. He openly admits that he is a Republican and he hates Democrats. He is a street dude who advocates for the victims families and despised the current regime. He has a podcast where he puts them on blast.

He is the type of black guy that the dems on this site would openly despise and show racism towards.

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Immediately they try to make it a Race issue.

It’s common knowledge, Black and Hispanic communities do not cooperate with the police in trying to solve these crimes.


They also leave out that black people are committing like 90% of the shootings in that city.

First they want to defund the police and now they want them to solve more crimes in communities that hate them and commit violence against them at an increasing rate?

I’m confused.


Honestly, it’s probably closer to 99%.

Philadelphia homicide leaves man dead at Popeye's as 2022 death toll rises.

Yeah what had happened since the George Floyd incident truly makes one’s head hurt. It is about as illogical as one can get .