Philly: Pregnant Woman Shot Dead in Stomach & Head

She was unloading presents from her Baby Shower when it happened

The unborn baby was also pronounced dead (she was 7 months into pregnancy)

There’s ALOT of pieces of shit in this world unfortunately…RIP


RIP. Terrible culture in that city.


Patiently waiting for shaun king , blm and hollywoods tweets.


Deputy Police Commissioner Christine Coulter

“There was an officer a couple blocks away who heard the shots. When they came here, they discovered her shot several times, The person that did this couldn’t be more cowardly.”

“We’re doing everything we can, we’ve got record numbers of guns off the street but we’re always looking to do more, We need everybody in the city including elected officials, police officers and every person that lives in every home in Philadelphia to get as angry as they can about this.”

The mayor tweeted that the city was putting up a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest


Sounds like a baby-daddy did not want to pay for the next 18 years.


My money’s on white supremacy.


Oooo @Cire…too soon big boy, lol

“ Gunman fired eleven shots into her head and belly”

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Yeah that’s rage. He definitely knew her and wanted the baby dead as well


the biggest threat in America is white supremacy

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And rightfully, people in the comments are drawing parallels to Kyle’s case

Edit: ‘rightfully’ is sarcasm for dumb fucks thinking I was serious

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That was either her main man or her side piece. But it was 100% someone she was banging.

To maintain consistency, the shooter should be charged with only one count of murder, instead of the two.

Of course, they’ll charge him with both even though women are screaming for abortion to be completely legal right up to birth.


That’s because people are stupid… Obviously you’re one of them.

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I think stupid is not recognizing obvious sarcasm dip shit