Philly residents advised to drink bottled water Sunday afternoon following

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If you live in Philly this is probably the least of your concerns…


Im sure fettermans clone has a solution

Yooo, wud’r we doing for wudder?


Nevermind, misread.

Bottled water was sold out in walmart, acme,shoprite, BJs wholesale etc for about 10 miles. I had to go to the burbs and stock up at a Lowes because everyone forgot that they carry water. The second I started loading my car with water the people over at the BJs wholesale across the parking lot sprinted over to create havoc. This was in Hatfield which is 10 miles away from Philly and isnt affected by the water spill.

Some lady asked some other folks why dod they buy water and the suburban residents were saying “we saw everyone else buying cases so we figured we had to”. These stupid fuckers didn’t even get an emergency alert because it didn’t affect their county.

I installed a 6 stage reverse osmosis filtration system in my house after the Ohio train derailment. I don’t trust these bureaucrat fucks any farther than I can throw them. I’m certainly not going to leave my family’s health up to them.

RO is better than chemical dump water but not really that healthy either. Most people don’t realize it before they buy these things…
Use the system you got for drinking water when needed and not other times…

I did my research. I’m good. Thanks for your concern.