Philly- where to eat?

Going to be hanging in Center City, seems like Cleavers or Tommy Dinicks are the spots for cheesesteaks, but what about chill bars, or other restaurants to eat at? (Including breakfast)

Im not looking to venture too far from center city (may check out the penitentiary) so anything in those two places would be ideal

Thank You OG!


Invite this man over for pizza rolls you crotchety old man!

Dizengoff for some world class hummus. It’s the casual tiny version of Zahav, owned by the same chef. Zahav is also near center city, but it has won best restaurant in America multiple times, so you would need to get a reservation now, basically.

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Also, soup dumplings at dim sum garden will rock your tits off.


Im in. How about a relaxed bar ?

In center city, I like El Rey. Great margaritas and nachos, and you feel like your in a Tarantino movie. Cool, relaxed atmosphere


Thanks man. How is Philly’s chinatown? If I end up there, any suggestions?

Dim Sum Garden is in Chinatown. I don’t really have any recommendations beyond that one, but it is truly delicious.

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Did some work at Morgan’s pier, was a pretty decent place.

Chinatown is very good

There is a burmese restaurant there called rangoon which is amazing. Try the thousand layer bread with potatos

Not in center city but not to far , north 3rd is my favorite chill bar with great food

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cheesesteaks from south jersey (especially the Atlantic City boardwalk sports) are better than philly steaks

that is all


Varga Bar, Standard Tap, Johnny Brenda’s, 12 steps down are all cool places to go. For the breakfast food, try Flannel in south Philly or the White Dog, late night and craving a burger, definitely hit up Fountain Porter, those burgers and fries go down easy.

Not sure if it’s still there or not but La Fourchette in Wayne is AMAZING French quisine

What about the Italian section

You can’t go wrong with Dante and Luigi’s, Little Nona’s, or Ralph’s. If you could get in, Vetri Cucina is the shit. Le Virtu used to be incredible, but i heard the head chef left a few years back, so I haven’t been since.

So, where’d ya end up?


Tony lukes or steves prince of steaks for steaks.

Head out of the city and goto yardley for the best food at the vault in yardley