philp miller vs Joey villasenor

lets see it happen in kotc ufc or anywhere please

Joey by GnP KO........

Take Joey down? Haha. Maybe once, but all night? No fucken way. Joey by GnP KO.....

I would love to see miller v villasenior

i think joey is ready for baroni.
i think he could beat him.
i think he could provide better competition in the 185lb. class in the ufc than baroni.

Villasenor would slaughter Miller. TKO R1.

Miller takes WAY to many shots to be able to make it against a guy like Villasenor.

Weir was doing VERY VERY well against Miller untill he gassed. Villasenor is way better than Weir and wouldn't gass.

First part of the match would be Miller getting blasted with punches, and knees. Before trying for a takedown. Villasenor would sprawl on him. Take his back. And beat on him till the reff stopped the fight. This is all depending on IF Miller even got a chance to shoot a takedown. Which he probly wouldn't

Nate Marquardt needs to start fighting in the US more. Its kinda bad that he's one of the top 5 185'ers in the world and most people underrated him BAD because they never get to see him fight.

I agree about villasenor over baroni

Kotc rules Joey would win by knee-bombing Phil's head on the mat like he did to tough Art Santore last year.