Phoenix Suns!!!

I recently got back into pro bball and am noticing my hometown team is kicking ass as of late. 18-3 on a 9-1 streak is not too shabby.

Any Suns fans? What is the season outlook (ie playoffs)?

w00t, suns just fucking Pwn3d the Jazz 108-86

suns are definately looking good this year. i'm a fan of phoenix because of nash

cough bandwagon

cough fuck you, I didn't even realize how well they were doing until after I had already gotten back into basketball. Of course I am going to cheer them on when they do well, they haven't done shit since 93.

Don't get too excited. Their my home team too. Just when they build a star, dumbass Colangelo gets rid of them. So expect Amare to be gone. But if he keeps his nose outa things, expect the Suns to have a great season.

lol @ Dan

pretty sure they'll make the playoffs

They'll absolutely make the playoffs.

And if there is a bandwagon where are all the Suns threads? The only other thread I found in the top 150 that even mentioned them was something like Easiest Places to Play (which is true, America West Arena doesn't offer much of a home court advantage).

They have been mentioned here and there on other threads that aren't completely devoted to them.

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Floppy you seem rather hostile. Could this be why? :P

Pacific Standings:

Phoenix (1) 19-3(overall W-L) 10-2(conference) Won last 6

Sacramento (4) 15-6(overall W-L) 7-6(conference) Won last 2

Tough game tonight against the supersonics. The two best win records in the league go head to head in Seattle, should be a shootout.

Great game so far, suns rallied back from a 16 pt deficit and are now within 2 at halftime.

"cough fuck you"

no, that's steve nash's backup, and i think his name is spelled "phyuck yu"

Great game going on right now.

94-90 Seattle, with a little under 5 minutes to play.

"no, that's steve nash's backup, and i think his name is spelled "phyuck yu" "

LOL, touche. He sure as hell didn't see any playing time tonight though.

Damn exciting game to watch, reminds me of the old days. 112-110 PHX, what a nailbiter.

no bandwagoner here. i'm canadian so i will always support nash

Nash and LeBron are my 2 favorites and the Suns are my favorite team to watch