Phone calls from CDC

I’m surprised as hell if I ever get a REAL phone call.

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They are spoofing the number. Likely Nigerian or Indian. If you actually talk to a live human they will have shitty english.

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As mentioned I’ve never answered (and they haven’t ever left a message) but I assumed they were just spoofing the number, which is simple to do.

They did not have shitty english any time they have called, it was a person that spoke perfect english.

i know it’s simple, the perfect english and the 3 calls in 4 days from the SAME NUMBER is what put it on my radar.

Well, they do also use US mules to do some of the work. Either way, I used to scambait for many years and I can guarantee you it is some sort of advance fee fraud.

as i said i could easily believe that, just was a combo of things that made me believe it might be real. i’m no stranger to fishing techniques.

They do call to conduct surveys and that number checks out, if it is not a spoof.


I’m gonna answer next time…though it’s been a month or so since they last called.

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yeah same number all 3 times, atlanta area code.

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Kinda wacis AF but fug it tho.

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They spoof real numbers.

But maybe it is real. Someone should take the call and find out.

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So does Google voice.

Still got dome tho

aint nobody got time for that GIF

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I’m still waiting on a CDC call…

maybe they think im sexier than you are.