Phone interviews

I’m so used to being the one giving these… but actually have on in about an hour.

Goddamn, haven’t done one of these in almost a decade. Not even sure why I agreed as I’m not sure their salary range will be competitive… but its an interesting opportunity.

Any interesting experiences you pillars of the community have had?

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Unrelated, Felice butt

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Just make sure you get to the salary part, dont ask right away. But by the end you and the employer should both have an understanding of where this is salary wise as to not waste each other’s time.

During the first two quarters of 2020 I was unemployed so I had about 15 or so zoom/phone interviews. The first one kinda sucks cause you’re nervous but by my 15th one I was a smooth talking motherfucker. I guess by the end the I dont give a shit attitude, I’m awesome at talking garabge hooked someone enough to give me the best paying job i’ve ever had lol.

Good lucky dude.

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Yeah, luckily I already have a solid job that I’m content with. Interestingly, it did make you enter a desired salary when uploading your resume so I’m assuming they can accommodate if they set this up after that process.

Congrats on the new’ish job though, my guy.

I don’t like zoom or phone interviews. I don’t do as good in that form. I’d rather be in front of the person where we can have an actual face to face interaction.

Yo ROTC! Why the move to FLA? Couldn’t take the stupid winters anymore or work related?

My last few interviews were zoom calls where half the people didn’t turn on the video screen. Very odd. Especially for a top tech company.

Winters are bullshit, and no income tax is attractive.

Plus the dogs love having a nice sized fenced back yard.

Nice! Still working remotely?

Yep. Will be permanently remote with the move.

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When you putting in the doggie door so you don’t have to get up at night to let them out?


My dogs have at least the barest minimum of training where they dont piss and shit everywhere without going outside overnight.

Update… conversation went well.

Sounds like two more interviews and a video panel if it moves forward. Didn’t seem too concerned on being able to, at minimum, match my current compensation package.

I have one next Wed with a hedge fund I should be preparing for now. Would have to move to cali though. Need to pick a stock to pitch. Had the first interview last week. Since I’m not super keen on moving, I doubt the job is going to pay enough but I’m going through with it any ways for experience.

Gamestop is the pitch, right? haha

Good luck my dude.

Thanks. Don’t you want to make more than your current compensation package?

Absolutely… if it gets to actual salary negotiation, I’ll ask for a nice bump… just in the initial call I wanted to make sure we are at least in the proper ballpark (ie. why waste anyone’s time if I would decline an offer solely based off compensation)

Whelp… just had another call on this job…

Guess I will hear if I’m in the final round next week. Still not even sure if I want to change employers… but its an interesting opportunity.