Phone # to a rape crisis center?

 Randy is gonna need this number after he gets raped by a chest penis tonight.




Wow. I didn't see that coming. LOL


 (bows) Thank you....thank you....I'll be here all week gents...

it's funny b/c it says randy's going to get raped by a chest penis

and BROCK LESNAR (who's fighting randy) has a tattoo on his chest that resembles a penis!

wouldn't that make brock gay though?!?


I sense OMA


 I made The Garv laugh.....mission accomplished.

sagiv, i had no idea you were capable of this kind of material! you're so understated on breen's show.

Sarcasm is actually the peak of wit! imo!

randy will win.


Saw it coming from a mile away, but still kind of funny.

Rape is not funny. But chest penises are VERY funny, so it's all good.


 LOLOLOL!  For anyone who doesn't get it, the joke refers to Randy's need to seek help from places that usually deal with more conventional cases of rape, but in this case it's because he loses badly to Brock Lesnar - who happens to have a fallic sword on his chest!

JiuJitsuLifeMH - Brock is Nasty Nate and Randy is the Squirrel Master.

Case closed.

 LOL @ this.