Photo of 3 legends

Blue namer please help me out.

Geesink/Yamashita... Who is the other guy?


Yamashita is not a small man but he is dwarfed between Douillet and Geesink.

Sojourner: Isn't that the truth. Puts into perspective how massive Douillet and Geesink are. Geesink was so good on the mat it was insane.


(because Dave hasn't got on here to say it yet, let me post what he would say if he were here right now)

Ok folks, when I was training for the world championships back in '75 I remember fighting all three of these guys at the same time. Then they asked me how to do uchimata so I showed them my video series (available for discount now). Now understand folks that I was, and still am to this day great friends of all three of these guys. Hopefully we can get them educated about some marketing and giving back to the kids. Cause folks that's what it's all about, marketing baby!


*J/K Dave!

Nice impression of Dave!


I also taught Yamashita and Geesink "dynamic osotogari"!




Just joking Dave! When is your OSOTO DVD coming out?

I met Yamashita in person and although he wasn't very tall he was one WIDE man. I remember shaking his hand and having it dwarf mine and I'm not a small guy either.


Well now since I was busy climbing on things and beating up my little
sisters and worrying about what I was getting for Christmas or my B-
day, I must have killing myself trying to teach these guys anything.
Shit, I had only been in Judo for 5 years by then, and just imagine
having to get all around the world to teach these guys a thing or two.

Now those guys were there looking up at a picture of me being raised
and listening to the millions and millionsof my fans chanting my name
(pause - listening to the fans). It is a hard job being as great as I am
and I encourage you all to strive to be this damn good. if you
smmmmmeeeeeeeeellllllllllll what the Davage is coooookin (raising eye
brow - damn Rock stealing my stuff).

Now guys that is a David Williams dramitatization - too bad it is close
to the truth - and in answer to the question. i trained at Tokai under
Yamashita for years but have only met Duillett, but not Geesink. Osoto
will be out in the beginning of summer.