Photo of Abe Lincoln colourised.

Jack JOHNSON KO’d by Jess WILLARD. 1915

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Two of my favorite actirs

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Aussie and Kiwis of the ANZAC fighter wing, attack German Navy. WW2

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A group of RNZAF airmen are being served Christmas dinner by their superior Officers, as is traditional at Christmas time.
Christmas day, 1944

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Lewis Nixon of the 101st Airborne Division grabbing some wine following a long night of drinking Hitler’s wine. 1945

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Irish pub. No date.

Polish Prisoners Awaiting Execution Near Buchenwald In Germany, 1942

Women At A Japanese-American War Emergency Evacuation Camp In California, 1942-1943

A ‘beer shed’. Moscow 1896.

Vermont State Fair, 1941.

The liberation of Maastricht, the Netherlands, 14 September 1944.

Tennessee River during the Great Depression. March, 1936

Master and Slave. Andrew and Silas Chandler. 1860s. Fought on Confederate side.

New York. 1940s.

South Dakota women, 1930’s.