PhotoMath (app)


PhotoMath is the world’s first ‘camera calculator’. Point your smartphone’s camera towards a mathematical expression and PhotoMath instantly displays a correct result, also showing the step by step process it used to arrive at the answer.

The free app currently supports arithmetic expressions; fractions and decimals; powers and roots; and simple linear equations with more features being constantly added. Unfortunately the current app cannot read handwriting.

iOS and Windows Phone versions are currently available with an Android app due early 2015.

that is fucking awsome

and now that i have graduated and been working for 11years i have forgotten everything so when i have to help my kids one day i can use this.

Sub Phone Post 3.0

Lol fuck studying for exams Phone Post 3.0

Sub for android version Phone Post 3.0

that's some amazing shit right there. Saw this a few months back. Crazy how far technology has came.

Of course this comes out the semester after I finished all my math classes. Phone Post 3.0