Photos: Ishii trains for Fedor at Black House

MMA fans,

We have an exclusive gallery of Satoshi Ishii training for the NYE fight with Fedor Emelianenko at the Back House gym in Los Angeles, California. As always, please follow our photographer Scott Hirano on Twitter @ScottHirano

I hope you enjoy those photos, and hopefully people will start giving Ishii some chance in this fight with Fedor. He's a phenomenal fighter.

Full gallery here:

Cool Phone Post

ShaqNoob -  Cool Phone Post


I don't see Dan Theodore in these pictures, who I understand has personally trained Ishii and even admitted that the Olympic gold medalist is "only 5% stronger than me".

Lol! Phone Post

Ishii got this.

Ishi gave Paulo Filho all he could handle in Brazil. I give him a shot for sure

MartialArtsMixed - Ishii got this.

 he's gonna surprise some folks...

rorce greasy - lol @ Ishii going to black house.

just get some fat 240lb drunk outta some bar to mimic fedors style .


" just get some fat 240lb drunk outta some bar to mimic fedors style ."

Have you ever seen a drunk reverse a NCAA champion wrestler from bottom of N/S to top?

Or hit a belly down armbar in a flash?

How about kick out the supporting leg of a K-1 kickboxer mid-kick?

Did you used to watch monday night raw and now heard that MMA is the cool thing to follow?

 Did Wolfman take those pictures?

Haha the comments about fedor being fat and drunk made me lol, I don't think he was serious Phone Post