Photos of NAGA Reality Fighting

I took some photos at last weekends Reality Fighting.

Kipp Kollar put on a great event.

You can check out the photos here....

If you want the orrigionals (without the watermarks) you can have them. Just email me and include a link where you use them.


Thanks capnsaveem - you just guilted me into mying a Biz Membership :)

It's like those NPR adds .....

To be honest, I've been meaning to do it for some time and I saw Kirik at the event.

Not only did he do a fantastic job for the fighters (keeping it safe but not stopping TOO EARLY) and the crowd (keeping the fighters active without taking advantage away from the ground fighters by staning them up too soon), he evan started the night by standing on the ropes replacing light bulbs to get the ring lights working.

BTW - support Kirik over on MASSMMA - where some anonymous toll think Kirik was distractided by th eround card girls.

For the record, Kirik didnt block my few of them even once !


Great shots!

Thanks Kirik

I'm doing the show in Chicago this weekend!

Joe, great shots! But when I click on some they don't fully come up?
Tried on a couple of different computers with the same result.

nice pics

Hi Matt,

can you send me a sample link ?


Here is one, Joe:

Also, who can I contact to buy some of the hi-res versions of these?


Just email me,

you can have the hi res versions (without the water marks) for free.

I just ask that you like to and whereever you use or display them.

BTW for some reason there is a space after the last /
Just delete the space and the photo should show up fine.


Damn, link doesn't seem to work. On page 5 of the thumbnails. Check
out some of the last two rows. A few come up funny.

Many thanks, Joe! I'm not a pro member so to what address should I
email you?

Hey Matt - I did find 2 that appear to have gotten botched in the upload.

I'll get them fixed when I get a chance.