Photos of your first love

As I mentioned in a previous thread, I found a copious amount of old photos I had tucked away in storage. Most of them were boxing-related but among them, I found the only existing pic I have of my very first love. Her name was Dana & she was a sweet little 16-year-old ginger that I met in the summer of 1980 & I fell hard for her but our relationship only lasted into the early autumn when I went off to my first semester at college.
She left an indelible mark on me though as I had a lifelong “thing” for redheads. But as fate would have it, I wouldn’t get together with another one until a little over 3 decades later when I met the love of my life, ( my now, late wife ) Jana.
Anyhow, this is Dana, my first love:

Edit - There I took out all references to sex so it’s not perceived as being about “underage girls”. That definitely wasn’t my intention in creating this thread.


Yes let’s all post pics of underage girls


This thread was well thought out.

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She’s very pretty!

Great idea.

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My parents sent me a box of old photos a while back.

I have no pictures of me and my first girlfriend.

Just my second and third.


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I can hear the stampede of OGers on the way from the cheetos aisle at 7/11. This thread will surely violate local fire codes due to overcrowding.

First response nails it again.