Photoshop Help !!!

Hello to all my friends

please showing your sKill

i need editing my photo for put on my web site

please after editing my background send to my mail or put on this page

very   thanks !!!

Ali dehghani sheeva


Send Best photo shop editing and get one CD Free Gifted from
iran about my Last events  !!!
Put in this forum or send to my mail with your addres:

biglove1973 : Dear biglove1973 very thanks !!!!


Altofsky :Dear Altofsky very thakssssss and more Photo from other peopele!!!

All photoshoppers out there are invited join this site-it's fun and I run it-if you join, PM me and say you're from the UG I'll hook you up with a free VIP account worth 30$ a year-cheers!

im gonna be in iran august

im gonna shoot you an email


armbarunow : Dear armbarunow Wellcome to iran