Photoshop this older Carwin pic?


 LOL at these shops. Voted up MDF tm!

Looks a lot like uhh...Beetlejuice

I'm gonna be honest MDF...these MSpaint things you are doing.....

...are damn near professional quality. You should sell prints.

First photoshop. Blue help please.

EvilMaster - 


KevMann - [IMG][/IMG]


MDF tm -

Perfect Phone Post

These could be better. Maybe me as an OBGYN would be good

SE555 -  Bad day at the office?

Lol!!!!!!!!!! Phone Post

 nice call on the OBGYN.

That is a hideous baby.

 If this isn't UG legal or if Mr. Carwin is offended let me know and I'll pull it

 No more - 'I did a romo, blue please post". Buy a membership, slackers!*

*- unless romo is absolutely awesome. but usually they are not/


SE555 -  Bad day at the office?

 Good Gawd at Rashad in the first one!!!

waves to Shane