Physical: 100 on Netflix

Ahh right the guy chose the biggest dude of all of them. Strategy almost backfired but luckily he gassed out.

Yeah it looked like it was about to slip out from his hands right at the end.

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Big guy had a good strategy. He should’ve never left his corner and kept smaller guy back with his hands.


This is actually pretty awesome… I bet they do an American version…
If they can cast the same caliber American athletes it will be epic


Was really getting into this show, finished episode 2 ready for episode 3 and BAM

Not available for a few more days

Why do these shows go week to week instead of just making all episodes available at once?

It gets views regardless

Same with last of us, just let me binge it


That dancer is game bred for sure.

Outclassed a guy who had at least 20lbs on him.

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That big fucker came out of that gate quick man. I’m pretty sure the dancer also studied judo

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He had a good pin

So did the boxer girl, that fight was intense!


The olympic gymnast dude who chose #100 kind of got lucky. no telling if they hadn’t of called that foul and gave him the ball if he would have been able to catch him.


I thought the boxer girl was gonna choke her out.

To generate buzz online I think. People will chat about it kind of like how we’re doing lol.

Dancer guy probably had cardio for days.

That seems to be the strategy for this game. Tire out your opponent in round one then go for the ball in sudden death.

This looks really good - thanks, OP! Have it queued up to watch later.

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Also, that choreographer was wild, that contest was like a real life anime.

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Ha ha this show is great - I’m watching with the English dub and it’s hilarious. The anime style is definitely there in how they talk about them selves and other contestants


Yeah - its for sure a cultural thing. I don’t think its put on. Its refreshing to see the mutual respect though they have rather than constant shit talking each other - to the point the ones that do shit talk look like absolute nobs (like the fitness model).

I do wonder why everyone’s in awe of the skeleton athlete - they all talk about him like he’s a god.

The other thing that was hilarious was the ridiculous amount of shopping evident in some of their photos in the first episode. The bulkup ceo / influencer especially looks absolutely nothing like the pictures they used


Ya it was bs giving the dude the ball from the elbow foul. There was no rules on that and it was accidental. Should have just been a restart. Having the ball is too big of an advantage.

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Olympic gold medalist I guess. Same deal with Sexyama and his achievements.

That was such bullshit. Should have been a neutral reset. Also lost a lost of respect for the gymnast for milking it instead of just continuing. Both women who competed would have wrecked him. They were rough as hell and didn’t stop for any time out.

The two boxing chicks were game as hell.

Fat power lifter guy was lame.

So weird they toss the ball and wrestle
I’d grab the ball and run

I did like most picking went for a challenge not an easy match

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I kind of get the penalty for striking since if you’re losing and desperate you could just hit the other guy to reset which wouldn’t make sense.

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