Physical: 100 on Netflix

Yeah, but his was obviously an accident.

They probably don’t want to deal with reffing the grey area so the penalty has to be big enough to discourage people from trying underhanded stuff.

Zombie guy was funny but he wasn’t going to last long in this anyways.

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Fat dude isn’t running anywhere

This needs to show other races. Then things change quickly. Put Tyreek Hill on the show and it’s over.

Exactly so other guy should have grabbed it and ran

In the playground level you grab it and run. Sand level you can’t do that so you have no choice but to wrestle and try to gas out the opponent.

Fun show! Looking forward to more and an American version.

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I guess there are 9 total episodes.

He tried to grab and run, but the fat guy was fast out the gate too

What makes you think tyreek hill is more capable than an olympic judoka, wrestler, or Sexyama???
Race bait much?

Yeah but the distance to get to it is not enough that the quicker guys get clear enough to get the ball cleanly. You saw that with the fat dude

Because ‘muh nfl’ athletes are the ‘best athletes in the world’ despite being almost entirely sourced from one country

Fat guy’s speed out of the gate might have been the most impressive part of the episode.


The English dub is hilarious


He would have lost in the first round when he drops into the water and drowns.

What is the best way to hang on those bars? Some chicks had a interesting method interlocking legs and arms or using multiple bars.

Yes, he is one of the world’s most elite athletes, probably by a mile. The league is filled with guys just like him. I am just saying, it would be nice to have more diversity when trying to determine something like this.

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I find it annoying.

It’s an ok show for sure. I can’t wait to see some of the other challenges.

I like the safety reduced aspect of it. Americans would have to wear life jackets and safety goggles.


I think the gymnast got it right. Got to a corner and spread your arms over it. The corner allows you to keep your body compact

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You realize that you are complaining that a South Korean game show didn’t get people who don’t live in South Korea to participate on the show.