Pibull attacks horse, does not go well for pitbull (Greg Brady can jerk to this vid)

Game Pit vs Honey Badger would be a good one to watch.

She had the dog under her.

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There’s two groups. She’s by herself.

Horses have kicked lions to death. A Pitt would be no prob.


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Shame it didn’t get to stomp on the owner for a while.


Exactly this

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  1. cuz it was her dog and shes white trash

  2. she was waiting for a black dude to come fuck her



Has he even moved over?

She is in emotional distress because her sweet innocent emotional support pibble got rocked. Cecil Peoples scored the round 10-8 pibble.

I don’t think Greg Brady made the transition over to the next dimension.

He’s tying up loose ends with DMX, found out where his dogs were at.

Well, I hate pitbulls, so this video clearly showed I hate screaming women even more. I wish the horse would have stomped them.

News stories say the pitbull was on a leash, but it got away from the owner. It definitely got the worst of it and will have to be put down, but the horse suffered bite wounds to its legs, stomach and jaw. The carriage driver was also injured and had to have staples in her face and head.

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The pit bull was humbled.

pitbulls are exactly the reason why i always have my pitbull with me


Lol @ the advertisement while scrolling

I don’t like pit bulls but I take three with me everywhere I go because of people like you.

Oblongo is correct.

3? that just a snack for my beast of a dog. my pit would have killed that horse easily. if you cant control your pit its because he doesnt respect you. dumb people like that are what give pit owners a bad name. pits are for only the most badass people period.